Speaking About Stress Relief

Meeting planners...

If you are a meeting planner for groups of educators, you know many of your audience members are struggling with stress.  I have a two minute video message sharing how I can help your audience members not only find stress relief but actually benefit from the stress in their lives.

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I would love the opportunity to share my message with your group by speaking about stress relief.

Research has found that education is a notoriously demanding, highly  stressful career. Teaching ranks as one of the most stressful jobs, right up there with nursing and physicians. (source: theconversation.com/the-hidden-threat-of-teacher-stress-92676)

On a Top 10 List of occupations with high burnout rates, the number four and the number five spots are held by teachers and school principals respectively. Educators are more prone to burnout than attorneys and police officers. (source: stress.lovetoknow.com/Which_Professionals_are_Prone_to_Burnout)

Educators are hurting because of the stress they experience. However, it is not only the educators that suffer; the stress they experience creates a ripple effect that also hurts their students and ultimately their schools.

Most educators want to make a difference in the lives of their students, and they do. The influence they have will impact their students for years, perhaps for the rest of their lives. 

The way educators handle the stress in their lives will determine, at least in part, if their influence is positive or negative.

I can deliver an interactive, fun, immediately helpful presentation that will enable your audience members to more skillfully cope with stress. As a result, they will be able to reduce the harmful impact of stress in their own lives, in their schools, and in their students.

I can help your audience learn...

How a Stressed Out Educator Can Get Stress Relief QUICKLY!

At the conclusion of this presentation, audience members will have a list of quick, easy, fun stress relieving activities that they can begin to use immediately.

They will also know the steps that they need to take to move beyond Rapid Stress Relief which focuses on the symptoms of stress to Real Stress Relief which addresses the causes of stress.

If the symptoms are the focus but the causes are not addressed the symptoms will soon return.

How participants "grade" Dr. Stanley's presentations...

When asked to grade Dr. Stanley's presentations, participants gave him the following grades:

  • 95% gave him an A
  • 5% gave him a B
  • 0% gave him a C
  • 0% gave him a D
  • 0% gave him a F

What audience members have said about Dr. Stanley's presentations...

I liked the way Dr. Stanley provided take-a-ways that can be used to establish goals.

Chandre H.

I found this presentation life-changing. I have started thinking about stress in a different way.

Michelle E.

I found the presentation interesting. I especially liked the jokes. The material that was covered was meaty and applicable to life.

Janet B.

I attended this presentation because I wanted to learn techniques to help me move forward in life. I thought the presentation has a practical structure that I can follow in the future. I enjoyed it.

Jim M.

I loved Dr. Stanley's jokes. The life experiences and examples he shared really helped make the points clear.

Deborah G.

I came to this presentation to learn how to handle situations I am facing. I found Dr. Stanley was knowledgeable and I enjoyed his humor.

Eddie D.

I found Dr. Stanley to be a great listener and very responsive giving very relevant answers to questions.

Sidney C.


Research at the University of Missouri College of Education found...

  • High stress levels are reported by 93% of elementary school teachers.
  • Ongoing research is finding similar levels of stress among middle school teachers.
  • Teacher' stress levels are associated with lower student grades and frequent behavior problems.
  • Helping teachers use effective coping strategies is a must. 

(Source: neatoday.org/2018/05/11/study-high-teacher-stress-levels/)

If my message...

If my message sounds like it would be a good fit for your audience, I would love to connect with you by phone at 1(844)582-5252

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