Are you stressed-out?

If so, you need to know that stress helps you when you tap into its benefits!

You may be thinking, "Are you sure stress helps? It seems to me that stress just hurts!"

Do you find it confusing when I say that stress can help you?

Keep reading to learn how stress helps you and how I can help you tap into the benefits of stress.

Everyone knows stress hurts.

Stress causes or contributes to all kinds of problems. It makes your life miserable.

It is common knowledge that stress also harms.

  • Mentally—stress makes it hard to think. You find it difficult to focus when you are stressed-out.
  • Physically—stress can make you sick and, if you are already sick, it can keep you from getting well.
  • Spiritually—stress makes you think you are bad and God is mad at you.
  • Socially—stress makes you irritable, less tolerant, and more likely to get involved in a conflict.

Here's how stress helps.

What you may not know is that stress helps you.

Stress can be defined as all the energy generating processes that happen in your body when you have a task to complete, a challenge to reach, or a need to meet.

Stress has many benefits including…

  • Producing energy
  •  Increasing strength
  • Enhancing performance
  • Intensifying enjoyment
  • Escalating growth

When you are stressed, you are in touch with an unmet need. You may not consciously know what the unmet need is, but at some level, your brain knows. It is the presence of an unmet need that triggers the stress response.

When you are stressed, you are motivated to change. Stress makes you feel intense desire either to experience pleasure (Example: I want to do well on this project so I will get a promotion.) or to avoid pain (Example: I want to get rid of this neck pain and headache.).

When you are stressed, you are empowered to flourish. You have the desire to change for the better and you have the energy and strength to do so. You are primed for success.

All you have to do is tap into all that potential.

But how?

That's where I come in.

I am Dr. Paul Stanley and I can help you get the most benefits from your stress.


  • Been trained as a psychologist and professional coach who specializes in stress relief and life balance coaching
  • With over 40 years helping people just like you who are struggling with stress related problems
  • And having experienced my own share of stress related problems

…I’m in a unique position to help you.

Here's how my services can help you.

My services can help you greatly reduce or eliminate your stress symptoms quickly...

  • fewer headaches
  • less muscle pain
  • better sleep
  • less irritability
  • more compassion
  • more confidence
  • more relaxed and comfortable
  • more happiness
  • better focus

Services will also focus on helping you thrive by...

  • Tapping into and using the energy generated by the stress 
  • creating a clear vision of the less stressful, more balanced, and highly satisfying life that is right for you
  • Quickly identifying the stressors that are stressing you out and keeping you from living the life you want so that you can “nip them in the bud”
  • Changing self-limiting stress triggering beliefs (mind-sets) to positive productive beliefs
  • Changing self-defeating stress amplifying behaviors to positive productive behaviors
  • Setting well-formed achievable goals that you can use to make the life you desire a reality
  • Identifying and tapping into resources that can help you be successful in achieving the life you want
  • Forming and implementing a plan to reach or exceed your goals 
  • Enjoying a less stressful, more balanced, and highly satisfying lifestyle

An Overview of the Services I Offer

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