You know stress hurts and stress harms,
but stress helps...?

You may be thinking, "Are you sure stress helps? It seems to me that stress just hurts and harms!"

Which of these three most resonates with you...?

  • Stress hurts
  • Stress harms
  • Stress helps

Are you living the less stressful, more balanced, highly satisfying life that you would like to be living?

Or is your life better described as rushed, pressured, full of frustration, overwhelmed, and stressed?

If rushed, pressured, full of frustration, overwhelmed, and stressed best describes your life, you really need to know that stress can help!

Are you tired of...?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by all of the hurdles and hassles that you constantly encounter in your work environment
  • Being irritated by the unreasonable expectations of family members / clients / customers / patients / students
  • Worrying about failing your family members / clients / customers / students

How much money have you spent...?

  • On medical care because all the stress made you sick--70% to 90% of doctor office visits are for stress related problems and Americans spend an average of $11,000 per year on medical care for everything from the common cold to heart disease and cancer (both of which are very much stress related).
  • On impulse purchases because you were so stressed that you resorted to "retail therapy" just wanting to feel better--most people spend $254 per month on impulse purchases totaling $3048 per year.  
  • On lost income because you felt too stressed-out to take advantage of career opportunities and because of too many "mental health days" off.

    Think about all the time you've wasted because you...

  • Were frazzled, disorganized, and unable to move forward efficiently and effectively
  • Felt too exhausted to do what needed to be done
  •  Were unable to say "NO" to another pointless request for afterhours tasks and "beyond the call of duty" requests

Yes, everyone knows stress hurts.

Stress causes or contributes to all kinds of problems. It makes your life miserable.

It is also common knowledge that stress also harms.

  • Mentally-stress makes it hard to think. You find it difficult to focus when you are stressed-out. It often contributes to anxiety and depression. 
  • Physically-stress can make you sick and, if you are already sick, it can keep you from getting well.
  • Spiritually-stress makes you think you are bad and God is mad at you.
  • Socially-stress makes you irritable, less tolerant, and more likely to get involved in a conflict.

Here's how stress helps.

What you may not know is that stress can help you.

Stress helps by generating energy that your body can use when you have a task to complete, a challenge to reach, or a need to meet.

There  are many other ways that stress helps. The benefits of stress include…

  • Producing energy
  • Increasing strength
  • Enhancing performance
  • Intensifying enjoyment
  • Escalating growth

Wouldn't you love to know...?

  • how to maintain a calm, confident mindset in the mist of all the craziness
  • how to let go of work worry and have fun on days off
  • how to stop self-sabotaging your peace of mind by holding yourself to pointless and unnecessary self-expectations

What would it be worth to you if you could finally...?

  • make the most of the time and resources that you have available to you
  • just relax and let what you can realistically do be enough
  • take advantage of the opportunities you encounter without becoming a bundle of nerves

Here are some more ways that stress can help...

Imagine what it would be like if you...

  • could remain unrattled even when you are surrounded by all the "work place bedlam" 
  • don't allow the "fires" you constantly have to put out to disturb your serenity and keep you from taking advantage of the positive prospects that present themselves
  • are able to go home and enjoy time with your family and friends having left work at work

Picture this...

  • You jump out of bed in the mornings looking and feeling energetic, even joyful, because you are anticipating your upcoming day.
  • You go through your day interacting with your clients / customers / patients / members / students and coworkers, having fun fully participating in the activities and events as they happen. 
  • You settle into bed at night with a smile on your face because you feel satisfied knowing that your day was well spent.

    At this point you may be thinking, "OK I can see that stress can help, but how can I get the help I need?"

That's where I come in.

I am Dr. Paul Stanley and provide resources and services to help clients  get the most benefits from the stress in their lives.


  • Been trained as a psychologist and professional coach who specializes in stress relief and life balance coaching
  • With over 40 years helping people just like you who are struggling with stress related problems
  • And having experienced my own share of stress related problems

…I’m in a unique position to help you.

Here's how my services can help you...

I help my clients develop skills and use tools and techniques to...

  • Avoid the 2 most costly mistakes busy stressed-out people make when trying to get relief from the pain of their stress
  • Get quick relief from the symptoms of stress such as headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, and irritability
  • Increase confidence, happiness, compassion, and self-worth
  • Focus on what is important to you and your goals without getting distracted by nonessentials
  • Thrive by tapping into and using the energy generated by stress
  • Quickly identify the stressors that are stressing you out and keeping you from living the life you want so that you can "nip them in the bud" 
  • Enjoy a less stressful, more balanced, and highly satisfying life 

My clients discover...

  • 4 hidden keys to transforming stress triggering and stress amplifying  feelings, belief, and thoughts
  • 4 proven tactics for transforming stress-triggering situations, circumstances, and actions
  • The best way to maximize and maintain transformation

After completing my 90-Days to Rapid - Real Stress Relief Coaching course, they walk away knowing...

  • How to set and use goals to increase their motivation, enhance their self-esteem and program their mind to automatically work on achieving their goals
  • The absolute best way to move forward without stalling
  • The key to advancing that will eliminate their overwhelm forever

After they master and implement the steps of this program, they...

  • Are empowered to flourish achieving their potential
  • Have the desire to change for the better, and the energy and strength to do so
  • Are primed for success and satisfaction in their careers and in their lives

These are the exact strategies I've used for over 40 years helping thousands of people not only get relief from the stress they were experiencing but to actually use their stress to help them thrive in all areas of their lives!

If you are ready to say YES to...

  • Getting rapid relief from the symptoms of stress
  • Getting real relief from the causes of stress
  • Tapping into the energy and power of stress to help you live a balanced and highly satisfying life

...then listen carefully.

During the brief period of just 90-days I will show how to use the stress in your life to...

  • Produce energy
  • Increase strength 
  • Enhance performance
  • Intensify enjoyment 
  • Escalate growth

This program has helped many stop struggling and start to flourish in their lives at work and away from work!

Just like...

"Carolyn," (not her real name) a highly educated and successful 35-year-old who described herself as a lifelong worrier. She complained that she couldn't stop feeling a constant sense of doom, often fretting that a mistake at work could cause her to lose her job. In addition to worrying, "Carolyn" was experiencing frequent insomnia and found it difficult to concentrate.

By using the stress help tools and techniques that I teach, she found relief. She was able to keep the symptoms of stress from interrupting her progress as she moved forward in life.

"Patty" (not her real name) described herself as happy, social, and fortunate. But one day she experienced an event that could have derailed her life, stopping her from achieving her career aspirations.

She had a panic attack; her heart pounded and she felt mild nausea, and shortness of breath. She felt pressure in her chest and started sweating. Believing herself to be having a heart attack, she went to the hospital emergency room where cardiac problems were ruled out.

By using these stress help tools and techniques that I teach, she was able to start nipping the stress related symptoms in the bud and didn't allow them to keep her from pursuing her goals.

"Travis," (not his real name) a man in his late forties that was experiencing stress symptoms related to a couple of very specific fears. He said that he was a happy man with an active social life and close friends and wasn't a worrier most of the time. However, recently he found himself experiencing uncomfortable feeling such as gastrointestinal discomfort, sweating, trembling, embarrassment, fear, irritability and frustration. These symptoms seemed to be triggered by discord in his romantic relationship and conflict with his work administrator.

Through the use of the stress help tools and techniques that I teach, "Travis" was able to stop the thinking and behavioral habits that were allowing his stress symptoms to continue and develop alternative habits that brought relief and success.

If you are interested in working with me 

    ...I invite you to schedule a FREE no obligation Stress Relief Strategy Session.
    This will be a phone consultation lasting about 45-minutes. During the call I will help you get clear, get focused, and give you a proven strategy for experiencing relief from both stress related symptoms when needed and the causes of stress.
    We will consider how you can tap into the energy generated by stress and enjoy a less stressful, more balanced, and highly satisfying life!
    You can schedule your Strategy Session by clicking here. You will be taken to my online calendar. To schedule a time that is convenient for you, just follow the prompts.
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