Stress Relief Coaching

If you are struggling with stress, stress relief coaching can help you.

    Stress Relief Coaching can help you greatly reduce or eliminate your stress symptoms quickly...
  • fewer headaches
  • less muscle pain
  • better sleep
  • less irritability 
  • more compassion 
  • more confidence 
  • more relaxed and comfortable
  • more happiness
  • better focus

Coaching will focus on helping you thrive by...

  • Tapping into and using the energy generated by the stress to create a clear vision of the less stressful, more balanced, and highly satisfying life that is right for you
  • Quickly identifying the stressors that are stressing you out and keeping you from living the life you want so that you can “nip them in the bud”
  • Changing self-limiting stress triggering beliefs (mind-sets) to positive productive beliefs
  • Changing self-defeating stress amplifying behaviors to positive productive behaviors
  • Setting well-formed achievable goals that you can use to make the life you desire a reality
  • Identifying and tapping into resources that can help you be successful in achieving the life you want
  • Forming and implementing a plan to reach or exceed your goals Enjoying a less stressful, more balanced, and highly satisfying lifestyle

What is stress relief coaching?

Coaching is a process through which a professionally trained coach helps you…

  • clarify exactly what you want your life (or some part of your life) to be like
  • set goals
  •   identify the resources needed to move toward your goals
  • develop and implement a plan concerning how you can achieve your goals
  •  identify and overcome obstacles encountered along the way.

The word coach originally referred to a means of transportation such as a stagecoach.  Currently, the word is still used to refer to transportation such as when we say, "I will be flying coach."

Metaphorically, the word began to be used to refer to helping people move from where they are to where they want to be in some aspect of their lives.  Any aspect of your life can be the focus of coaching.  

Thus, stress relief coaching may focus on (but is not limited to) life balance, lifestyle management, movement through transitions, the achievement of short-term and long-term goals, career development, relationship enhancement, spiritual growth, decision making, and so on. 

The coaching relationship helps you stay clear, focused, and actively moving forward toward your desired outcomes.

Stress Relief Coaching is not...

Often, when trying to understand coaching, it is helpful to understand what coaching is not.

  • Coaching is not mentoring.  Mentoring is a relationship between a person who has more experience in some life area or skill and a person who has less experience in that life area or skill.  The mentor shares his/her experiences and wisdom with the person being mentored helping him/her grow and become more successful.  Mentoring is a top-down, outside-in process. Through life experiences the mentor is an expert and is sharing expertise and giving advice to the person being mentored.
  • Coaching is not consulting.  Consulting is a relationship between a person who has become an expert in some life area or skill through specialized training and a person who lacks that expertise or skill.  The consultant assesses the person's situation and gives that person advice concerning how to be more successful or how to accomplish some specific outcome.  A lawyer is a consultant that gives his/her clients advice about what to do concerning a legal situation.  A physician is a consultant that gives his/her clients advice about what to do concerning a medical concern.  Consulting, like mentoring, is a top-down, outside-in process.
  • Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling.  Psychotherapy or counseling is a relationship between a person who is wounded, sick, or dysfunctional in some way and a therapist who is trained to facilitate that person in healing, recovery, or remediation.  The focus is on overcoming a problem or dysfunction.  The client is viewed as being unhealthy or dysfunctional.  Again, this is a top-down, outside-in process.

Stress relief coaching is a different way of helping.

Coaching is different in that…

  • You and I (as your coach) are considered equal partners in a collaborative relationship. 
  • You are viewed as the expert on your life.  You are also viewed as being psychologically healthy, creative, and resourceful.  
  • As your coach, I am the expert on the process of facilitating change. 
  • I will provide you with a framework for the stress relief coaching process. You can use the framework to guide you as you work toward achieving your goals and setting the agenda for the coaching sessions. Or you can move away from the framework as you wish, if you believe an alternative path would be more beneficial. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to coaching. 
  • I will use various techniques to draw insight and wisdom from you. 

The coaching relationship is a partnership. Thus, coaching is a unilateral, inside-out process.

The logistics of coaching are...

We will schedule stress relief coaching sessions on the phone and/or Internet.  

There will be weeks when no session will be scheduled.  This gives you time to reflect on what has been covered during your sessions, consolidate changes that you have made, and determine what you want to focus on next. 

This also gives me time to study, to focus on my own personal growth work, and to rest so that I will have the energy and intrapersonal resources to be the best coach possible for you.

Here's how to get started...

Schedule a no cost no obligation Stress Relief Strategy Session at 

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